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Optimize Your Management by Using Our Tools for Mobile Workers

Always on the road?

Not always working from the same workstation or the same computer?

With our mobile software, the business managers can monitor their fleets from anywhere, and help employees manage their tasks on the road.


You can access the internet version of our powerful management software via any web browser. It consists of a lighter version of our desktop version, including the vital components for effective fleet management.

On this secure site, you can access all your fleet vehicle information in real time.

This information is displayed on a map, and includes additional details for each vehicle (eg. Location, territory, accessory use).

Vehicle route history can be viewed by searching for trip information and displaying the results on the map or in a grid. Certain reports can also generated by this online software.


Once you start using our mobile browser-optimized fleet management tool, you’ll wonder how you ever survived without it! Astus.mobi answers all your fleet management needs when you’re on the road and it works on absolutely all phones that have a web browser!

Besides being able to track up to 5 vehicles at once and in realtime, you can view their last 10 positions and manage their tasks.

At the same time, your employees can receive those tasks and destinations and respond with their status (eg. completed, read) from the same application.

The best thing about those applications is that you don’t have to pay for them: we give them to you as a complement to our Astus software!

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